Welcome to the official website of the Zambia Law Development Commission. The Zambia Law Development Commission is a statutory body established under Chapter 32 of the Laws of Zambia. The primary mandate of the Zambia Law Development Commission is law reform. It is headed by a Commission comprising of 13 members appointed in accordance with the ZLDC Act.

The Zambia Law Development Commission’s Functions are:

1) To revise, reform and codify the law in Zambia;

2) Review and consider proposals for law reform;

3) Hold seminars and conferences on legal issues;

4) Translate legislation into local languages;

5) Research and make recommendations on:

i) The social-political values of the Zambian people that should be incorporated into legislation;

ii) The anomalies that should be eliminated on the statute book;

iii) New and more effective methods of administration of the law and the dispensation of justice that should be adopted and legislated;

iv) Removal of archaic pieces of legislation from the statute book; and

v) New areas of the law that should be developed which are responsive to the changing needs of society.

This website is a forum where people can get information and insight on the Commission’s work. Activities, reports and other documents published by the Commission are made available on the website for general information. Our core function is research therefore our work is highly consultative and we involve the public to participate in issues of law reform and development. it is our hope that this website will ensure that the public has access to online information and make positive contribution to issues relating to our work as a Commission.